What Makes Walsall Escorts High Class

Many escorts claim to be high class nowadays. However, just because this is what they claim, does not necessarily mean that they truly fit the bill, in this regard. Often girls just want to charge more money and trick clients into thinking they are of a higher class than what they actually are. Which are what clients really need to look out for and be careful with. 

If you want to know what makes an escort high class, so you can make an educated decision on who to book, when you are looking for this type of escort girl then look no further for the best advice around! 

An overall description of a high-class escort is that she is possesses an elegant, graceful and commandingly feminine persona. Being well educated, well-mannered and simply everything that a man’s dream woman should be, in looks and personality. 

Dress size: 

One of the biggest things that makes an escort high class is their dress size. You will not find a high-class escort who is over a dress size 8 (UK size). A high-class escort ALWAYS takes care of her body. Ensuring she has a model like figure and will be often going to the gym to keep up her flawless looks. This is one of the most important things of all, that makes an escort high class. They have to look perfect and their dress size will play a massive part in this! 

Overall looks: 

You can expect a high-class escort to have NO tattoos and no piercings besides their ears, and sometimes their navels, to have silky smooth skin and to have makeup and hair that looks to be professionally done. More so, having exceptional personal hygiene, a beautiful smile, a high-class dress code as standard and to smell equally as beautiful too. What predominantly makes an escort high class, is their looks. This is indeed the epitome of a high-class escort girl. These ladies are going to be dealing with elite clients and going to be attending elite events and therefore, need to look the part! 


Charm, class and elegance are three must have aspects to a high-class escort girl’s personality. While still being a fun, eager and open minded type of woman. They have to be able to adapt to all kind of environments and to converse on anything that their companion might throw at them. Conversation and how the escorts present themselves is a huge part in what makes them high class. 

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