Top 5 Most Popular Online Survival Games

Online survival games come in a wide variety of genres, from open world zombie sandboxes to crafting-focused adventure titles. Although these titles may seem easy enough to play, be prepared to invest some serious effort and time into them.

Don’t Starve: The Long Dark

Don’t Starve: The Long Dark is an intense survival game where you take control of an avatar in an apocalyptic wilderness. Your goal is to gather food, gather resources and use those to craft tools for progress. It’s both beautiful and challenging as you must watch out for wild animals that eat whatever meat you find while scavenging.


Fans of sci-fi will adore this survival title. Drawing inspiration from Dwarf Fortress and Firefly, RimWorld provides an enjoyable gameplay experience. It promotes teamwork and leadership as you manage a growing population of colonists each with their own individual traits and willingness to complete certain tasks. With RimWorld, you get to control an ever-increasing collection of colonists with different traits and abilities.


Rust is more than just a sandbox; it’s an actual survival sandbox. You start life with nothing but a large rock and some materials, then must scavenge and craft to stay alive. Plus, there are various mods and game modes to choose from so that you have complete freedom when building your home – you can choose to become an industrial giant or build something simple like a hut while keeping an eye out for predators. Rust offers something for everyone; whether you want to be part of something bigger like The Sims? Or simply build yourself an industrial marvel? There’s so much choice when building something amazing in Rust!

State of Decay

State of Decay is the world’s most popular zombie survival game, asking you to consider how you would fare during an apocalypse. It features all the hallmarks of a survival game, from multiple meters to worry about, as well as that sinking feeling when you realize you’ve made an error. With State of Decay, players are forced to think carefully about how they will fare during such times.

It doesn’t just focus on the zombie apocalypse; aliens also make an appearance. And it’s not just about surviving; you must build a base for yourself and your friends to survive.


Surviving online survival games would not be complete without including this title. A reimagining of the classic turn-based RPG genre, Survive asks you to imagine what would happen if you were trapped in a world filled with zombies. With an engaging storyline and high difficulty bar, Survive requires careful thought about each decision you make while taking each day as it comes – making sure not to succumb too soon.


Outlast, the latest iteration of Resident Evil, embraces the survival genre pioneered by titles like Silent Hill and Resident Evil 2. It can be an incredibly difficult game to play; there’s a good chance you’ll lose money before completion but also offers an incredibly rewarding experience once completed.

UnReal World

Sami Maaranen’s classic roguelike survival title UnReal World has been in development for two decades. While not quite as polished or streamlined as later iterations, UnReal World nonetheless offers an intriguing vision that cannot be replicated.